• If you truly like our products and think others might benefit from using them, you may choose to become a Zia Organics Affiliate, at absolutely no cost to you or to any of your referrals.
  • This is how we keep our marketing costs down, so we can keep your costs down.
  • As a Zia Organics Affiliate you will automatically be given a Special Promo Code and a link to our website that you can share with anyone in your social media contact circle. No Hard Sell — No Pressure.  Just invite them to check out our website.
  • Anyone who does visit our site and uses your Special Promo Code to purchase any Zia product, will receive a special free gift from us with their order. And you will automatically and discreetly receive a 10% commission on any sale that used your Special Promo Code.
  • It’s a win – win for everyone.

Zia Organics.     Try it.       If you enjoy it.        Share it.


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