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Zia Organic Products Are Unique

Zia Organics was founded on one guiding principle:
To provide you with the highest quality products,
in addition to maintaining the best possible price

  • Zia Organics is a small family owned business that strives to provide you with high quality blends, in elegant applicator bottles, at fair prices.
  • All our responsibly sourced ingredients and finished goods are always free from animal testing, additives, chemicals, or fillers.
  • We only use USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils, Fragrances, and Carrier Oils, in addition, we use only the purest natural ethically sourced ingredients, in all our formulas and blends.
  • Because of our small size, however, we have not applied for USDA Corporate Organic Certification. Equally important, we do follow the same Organic Guidelines as if we were certified, in addition to using only the finest ingredients and best accepted practices.
  • We also only use USDA Certified CBD in those special CBD enhanced formulas. Furthermore, all our pure CBD is 3rd party tested and Certified to contain NO THC.

 We sell Zia Organics directly to you at highly discounted pricing
with free shipping on every order.

  • Our direct online marketing, you to get as close to wholesale pricing as possible, without having to buy huge case lots.
  • We invite you try our products, share and discuss them with friends and family.

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Zia Organics Products

We’ve put a lot of thought in giving you the best possible product, therefore ensuring your satisfaction.
Feel free to contact us if you have any issues with your purchase.
All Zia Organic Blends come in 10 ml. elegant glass applicator vials, with a hypo-allergenic stainless applicator ball, and a leak proof silver cap.
Due to recent events, we’ve shifted from only supplying large Retail Stores and Spas to selling directly to you online at 30 to 50 % less than Retail Pricing with FREE Shipping on all orders.

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